Pet Shaming-is your pet to blame for the mess on your carpet?

Doesn’t she look innocent? It’s Y’s take on pet shaming—and how to clean your carpet after!

Sorry Rover, we’re jumping on the pet shaming bandwagon. If you’re a pet owner, you’re familiar with the emergency run to get the carpet cleaner after your pet has made a mess (one of our favorite facebook graphics says “I don’t always jump out of bed like a ninja in the middle of the night, but when I do it’s because my dog is about to throw up on the carpet.”)

So when that happens, don’t get out the paper and marker (unless you want to, we’re amused by pet shaming photos), pull out these tips that keep your carpet looking like you don’t have pets:

  1. Clean ASAP. As soon as you discover the stain, remove the solids and soak up the liquids. Make sure you soak up as much as possible, because your goal is to eliminate all odors from the area—this ensures that your pets will not use the area again and again. Finish by rinsing the area with cool water, then remove the water and vacuum the water up with a wet vac.
  2. Avoid using steam cleaners. The heat from the cleaner can make the odor and stain set in.
  3. If the stain is really bad or has set in, use a high-quality pet odor neutralizer and carpet stain remover.
  4. If you have the worst case scenario on your hands—the mess has soaked through to the padding, you may need to consider new flooring. Come on into Y’s Way Flooring and we can discuss your options.

If your carpet or hard flooring is new, don’t forget to consult your warranty manual to make sure that you’re using cleaners recommended by the manufacturer.  If you’re still not sure—and Rover is taking pet shaming to a whole new level—don’t be afraid to visit us at one of our three Y’s Way Flooring locations in Watertown, Lake Mills and Oconomowoc. We can’t help with Rover’s behavior, but we can make flooring recommendations that will work for you and your pet.