wood floor cleaning tips

How often should I clean my wood floors?

You chose your wood floors for a reason. Wood floors are warm, classic, cozy, durable. These popular floors raise the value and the look of your home to a new level. Wood floors look great. If you want to keep them looking great, regular cleaning needs to be a part of the cleaning routine. What […]

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5 Myths about Wood Floors Debunked

Wood floors are one of the most beautiful and timeless flooring products on the market. They are also a product plagued by misunderstandings and myths. We’ve heard a few of them from time to time, and have even seen the result of a wood flooring myth gone wrong. That’s why we compiled this list of […]

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Floor Cleaning Tips for Every Room

Your floors can be one of the most beautiful parts of your home (and something everyone notices!) and also one of the dirtiest. Kids, pets, guests—they all track in dirt, grime, water, snow (thanks Wisconsin winters!) on to our handsome floors, making them, well, not so handsome over time. And if you’re like most homeowners, […]

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