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3 Gorgeous & Durable Waterproof Flooring for Bathrooms

Waterproof flooring for bathrooms is more than an option. It’s a must in a room where water is splashed and spilled all the time and high humidity is the norm. Fortunately, there are several floors that are durable enough to take all the splashing and humidity of bathrooms while still looking great. Water Resistant Flooring […]

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Tough Mudroom Flooring that Looks Great

Mudrooms deserve a certain amount of respect. After all, these rooms are the dropping ground for shoes, backpacks, sports bags, winter gear, as well as a receptacle of all the sand, dirt, snow and gravel that gets tracked in on our shoes and paws. No matter how many shelves, hooks, and other organization hacks are […]

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8 GOOD Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

It’s not often that a flooring checks off all the boxes, but luxury vinyl plank floors are beautiful and versatile enough to fit in any almost room. For busy households or high traffic commercial buildings, luxury vinyl plank flooring is tough enough to handle a lot of foot traffic—just one of many reasons to consider […]

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