bathroom floors

Bathroom Flooring: Pros & Cons of the Best Floors

Wet towels. Puddles from a rambunctious toddler bath time. Steam from a good, hot shower or bath. Bathrooms are the only room in the home that have to deal with daily high humidity and consistent water puddles. For that specific reason, homeowners need to use an extra degree of caution when choosing the right floor […]

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6 ‘Get Wet’ Floors that Can Take the Puddles

Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mud rooms, and laundry rooms all have one key commonality: water.  From an occasional water spill to the moisture that seeps through your basement slab to a once-in-a-lifetime flooding, these spaces need flooring that can take all the humidity, puddles, and moisture that comes with a wet area.  Not all flooring is […]

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