basement flooring

luxury vinyl floors that look like hardwood floors

The Best Vinyl Floors for Basements

Choosing flooring for basements isn’t as easy as selecting floors for other rooms, mainly because of water. Moisture seeps through the basement slab. Water can come in through the walls. Obviously, no homeowner wants either, but the reality is that the threat of water in a basement is very high. Because of that threat, one […]

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What flooring can I install in my basement?

Finishing your basement is an exciting project. There’s so much empty space and so many possibilities. From top to bottom, there’s a million decisions to make: paint color, furniture, trim color, flooring. The last item on the list, flooring, comes with a small twist. That small twist is water. Because basements are below ground, moisture […]

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4 Resolutions for your Home You Can Keep

It’s that time of year of again: the time when we make promises for improvement in the New Year. We’ve all heard (or made) the most common New Year’s resolutions: losing weight, saving money, eating better. And while it is fun to follow the crowd, are you looking for a resolution focused on “where the […]

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Ultimate Flooring for Every Kind of Man Cave

Wikipedia defines a man cave as: “a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.” However, many of our male customers use other words to describe their man space: “it’s my hideaway,” “my place where I can watch the game in peace,” “my hangout with my buddies,” and […]

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Need to clean up water in your basement?

“April showers bring May flowers.” April (or any time of the year) showers also bring storms, flooded basements and mold if the basement is not cleaned up properly. That’s why it’s so important to go step-by-step to clean up water in your basement, and bring in professionals to assist with flooding clean-up. Cleaning up water […]

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