6 Window Covering Ideas that Block Out Light

shades installed in Wisconsin home Window treatments may be an integral part of home décor, but there is also a practical side to choosing the right window coverings for a room. Ask anyone working third shift hours and they’ll tell you that a window covering is a godsend for sleeping during the day. But there are other ways a window covering can function in a room as well; in media rooms, the window coverings block out the rays that prevent enjoying the big screen. In homes with a wood floor, homeowners use window coverings as a way to prevent fading and discoloration.

The reasons are many, and so are the options for window coverings. If complete blackout window coverings are needed, mention that key criteria to the salesperson to ensure that the window covering meets expectations. Some window coverings can be broken down further by material, such as wooden versus metal blinds, or opacity, such as blackout or opaque shades, but the overall list of functional window coverings is fairly short and simple.

open shutters installed in a Wisconsin homeShutters

What: Shutters are a functional and beautiful investment; shutters can be open to shut out light or allow in the sun when light is wanted. Though a more expensive option, these window coverings often increase the value of the home. Shutters can be installed over windows and doors.

Ideal rooms/areas: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms

Motorized Shades

What: When you can’t reach a window, such as a high window or skylight, motorized shades are the answer. Motorized shades operate automatically, moving when sun rays are detected, or by remote, opening and closing when requested. The automated shades are ideal in spaces where light is desired but fading of décor (i.e. floors, wooden countertops, etc.) are not. Automated shades move throughout the day dependent on the rays. Motorized shades function by remote, giving you the opportunity to block light when needed without getting out a ladder or any kind of extension pole.

Ideal rooms/areas: Skylights, rooms with cathedral ceilings and high windows, rooms with direct sunlight, bedrooms

Lined Drapes

What: Drapes may be one of the most traditional window coverings, but drapes come in patterns and designs suitable for any modern home. For functionality, many drapes are lined to block out light while still looking striking.

Ideal rooms/areas: Bedrooms, media rooms, dining rooms

Roller Blinds

IMG_5187What: Roller blinds are one of the most versatile and functional window coverings. These blinds can fit almost any size and shape window, and can be installed by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project.

Ideal rooms/areas: Patio doors, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens

Pleated & Cellular Shades

What: Pleated and cellular shades are fabric shades that look great and add function to a room. As an added bonus, cellular shades can also insulate and increase the energy efficiency of a home. These shades can also be installed to open from the bottom of the window up, allowing light while still adding privacy to a room. While not the best blocker of light, pleated and cellular shades can block UV rays that fade and make it hard to enjoy a screen.

Ideal rooms/areas: Sunrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms

Wood & Aluminum Blinds

What: Wood and aluminum blinds are one of the most affordable options, but they aren’t always the best option for blackout because light can seep in on the sides. They are an attractive option, and a good window covering for spaces where some light blocking is needed.

Ideal rooms/areas: Sunrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms