Month: December 2020

basement with best waterproof floor for basements

Best Waterproof Floors for Basements

Unfortunately, water damage is a real threat to basement flooring, which is why this list of waterproof floors for basements is necessary. Moisture continually seeps through a basement concrete slab. Flooding is a real threat in some basements. Waterproof floors are the answer, allowing homeowners to enjoy their basement without worrying about water damage. Some […]

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family in basement family room

Is wood flooring a good basement flooring option?

If you’re asking if wood floors are a good basement flooring option, the answer is yes and no. Wood flooring is gorgeous and durable, but solid hardwood flooring is not recommended in basements. Solid wood flooring is susceptible to damage from porous moisture in the concrete slab. The moisture may cause hardwood floors to buckle […]

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wood floors in home with grand piano and furniture

How to Choose the Best Wisconsin Floors for Your Home

If you’re Googling “Wisconsin Floors,” you’re looking for tough flooring that can withstand snow, rain, hot, and cold. Wisconsin floors need to be durable, but also has to look gorgeous—and stay looking gorgeous—for as long as it is installed. Fortunately, there are quite a few floors that check off all these boxes, including luxury vinyl […]

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