Year: 2020

basement with best waterproof floor for basements

Best Waterproof Floors for Basements

Unfortunately, water damage is a real threat to basement flooring, which is why this list of waterproof floors for basements is necessary. Moisture continually seeps through a basement concrete slab. Flooding is a real threat in some basements. Waterproof floors are the answer, allowing homeowners to enjoy their basement without worrying about water damage. Some […]

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family in basement family room
basement floors wi
basement floating floors
basement flooring options

Is wood flooring a good basement flooring option?

If you’re asking if wood floors are a good basement flooring option, the answer is yes and no. Wood flooring is gorgeous and durable, but solid hardwood flooring is not recommended in basements. Solid wood flooring is susceptible to damage from porous moisture in the concrete slab. The moisture may cause hardwood floors to buckle […]

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wood floors in home with grand piano and furniture

How to Choose the Best Wisconsin Floors for Your Home

If you’re Googling “Wisconsin Floors,” you’re looking for tough flooring that can withstand snow, rain, hot, and cold. Wisconsin floors need to be durable, but also has to look gorgeous—and stay looking gorgeous—for as long as it is installed. Fortunately, there are quite a few floors that check off all these boxes, including luxury vinyl […]

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beautiful dark wood floors cleaning with wood floor cleaning tips
wood floor cleaning tips
wood floor cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips That Keep Floors Beautiful

Wood floor cleaning tips are an essential part of keeping these gorgeous floors beautiful. Unfortunately, these timeless and stunning floors wear down and lose some of their beauty over time from heavy foot (and paw) traffic or from a variety of other factors. Fortunately, there are ways to keep wood floors looking like the day […]

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Black Friday
Christmas gift ideas
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Check out our 2020 holiday specials!

Y’s Way has you covered with holiday discounts. We offer discounted gift certificates for stocking stuffing, discounted carpet cleaning when you book Black Friday weekend for early 2021, and deep discounts on Black Friday warehouse stock. We’ll even store your flooring and deliver it when you are project-ready. Make your holidays special with Y’s Way […]

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wood floor after ripping up carpet
DIY flooring project tips
do it yourself flooring

Ripping Up Carpet? Use these Helpful Carpet Removal Tips

Ripping up carpet can be a thrilling experience (good bye nasty old carpet!), but it is also a cumbersome job. These tips for removing carpet make the project easier and get you one step closer to new flooring. (Cue the celebration!) Bring in the new flooring. It may be surprising to learn that the first […]

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wisconsin bedroom with sisal carpet
bedroom flooring options
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Absolute Best Bedroom Floors (With Pros and Cons!)

Today’s bedrooms serve a lot of purposes, which is why the best bedroom floor is different for every room. The right floor depends on whether the room is a sanctuary, a great place to snuggle with the pets, a child’s room, a comfortable TV room, gym, play room, or craft room. Fortunately, there are quite […]

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young couple enjoying media room flooring while watching movie
theater floors
media room floors wi

How to Choose the Best Media Room Flooring

We’re all binge watching our favorite movies and TV shows a lot more these days, which is why now is the right time to choose the right media room flooring for your theater room. The best media room flooring is undeniably carpet because it absorbs sound and is acoustically friendly. Carpet is also completely comfortable […]

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Backsplash tiles
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Installed Glazzio Tile

Glazzio Tiles offers a unique appearance you just can’t match with conventional tiles. The vibrancy and depth of color combined with the reflective quality of glass results in a unique and dramatic effect, whether used in your home or commercial buildings.

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commercial flooring at Wisconsin business
commercial flooring wisconsin

The Best Commercial Floors for Your Wisconsin Business

High-traffic business spaces require durable, high-quality commercial floors. Commercial flooring is built to meet the needs of high-traffic offices, retail spaces, gyms, and other commercial facilities. Fortunately, there are quite a few commercial floors available, all with its own set of pros and cons. Contact a local flooring professional to choose the right commercial flooring, […]

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