Month: March 2019

cute dog sleeping on pet-friendly floor
dog-friendly floors
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floors for dogs
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Pet-Friendly Floors You (and Your Pets) Can Love

Pets are an important part of the family and a big factor in choosing new floors. As adorable as they may be, those cute nails on dogs and cats (as well as those unfortunate pet accidents!) can scratch and damage kitchen, living room, mud room, and even bathroom floors. From the moment pets enter our […]

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muddy footprints on floor
carpet care with pets
carpet cleaning tips
cleaning mud off floors
cleaning mud on wood floors
mud off vinyl floors

How to Clean Mud off Carpet (and Every Other Kind of Floor)

Muddy footprints on carpet, muddy pawprints across wood floors, muddy puddles on vinyl. During certain times of the year in Wisconsin, mud and floors go hand-in-hand (and so do the steps for cleaning a muddy floor listed below). Unfortunately, that’s a fact, but one that can be prevented—or at least the amount of mud on […]

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luxury vinyl floors that look like hardwood floors
basement flooring
basement flooring options
basement floors wi
luxury vinyl floor wi

The Best Vinyl Floors for Basements

Choosing flooring for basements isn’t as easy as selecting floors for other rooms, mainly because of water. Moisture seeps through the basement slab. Water can come in through the walls. Obviously, no homeowner wants either, but the reality is that the threat of water in a basement is very high. Because of that threat, one […]

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