Month: January 2018

Where do I start my remodeling project?

Renovating the bathroom. Remodeling a kitchen. Finishing the basement. Updating the laundry room. New home remodeling projects are exciting. Just the thought of the finished room can give you goose bumps (and lots of oohs and ahs when the project is done!). What your home renovation shouldn’t bring is buyer’s regret. Before you take your […]

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Ways to Save Money on Basement Flooring

Finishing your basement involves a lot of steps: waterproofing, framing, drywalling, lighting, plumbing (if needed), flooring, furnishings. All those steps add up, both in terms of energy and funds (especially if you get expensive surprises along the way!). If you find those costs are adding up OR if you’re looking for ways to stretch those […]

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What flooring can I install in my basement?

Finishing your basement is an exciting project. There’s so much empty space and so many possibilities. From top to bottom, there’s a million decisions to make: paint color, furniture, trim color, flooring. The last item on the list, flooring, comes with a small twist. That small twist is water. Because basements are below ground, moisture […]

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