Month: August 2017

Back-to-School Organization Tips: Make this School Year the Best Ever

Our social media newsfeeds are filling up with pictures of back-to-schoolers with big smiles and backpacks. Behind the cameras are the parents, and you can almost see their ear-to-ear grins as their kids head back for their (hopefully) great first days of school. The truth is that every good school day starts with a little […]

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All Your Questions about Carpet Answered

Carpet may not be the most complex part of your home, but it is a big investment and a key part of your décor. That’s why we’ve put together a list of common questions we hear about carpet and the answers you need to choose the right one and keep it looking right. How can […]

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Pet Owners: Keep Your Carpets Looking New

It IS possible to have pets and nice carpeting in the same house. (Really!) We’re not going to lie to you, though: it can feel like a losing battle with your cat or dog—unless you take these tips to heart. Start at the door. It’s the first line of defense against dirt, mud, gravel, and […]

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