Month: April 2017

5 Floors that Can Handle Water (& spring cleaning tips that keep them looking great!)

April showers bring May flowers—and puddles, mud, and all the other messiness that comes with spring.  If you’re in the market for a floor that can handle all the spring messes (plus spills, wet paws, muddy footprints, etc.) our rainy weather can dish out, we’ve compiled a list of floors that are easy-to-clean (especially for […]

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7 Ways to Find Relief from Spring Allergies in Your Home

It’s the time of year that allergy sufferers dread: spring (and summer!).  While everyone else looks forward to spending time outside in the warm temperatures, allergy sufferers look forward to all the symptoms that come with seasonal allergies: sneezing, wheezing, runny noses, and congestion.  There is hope for relief from those annoying symptoms: use these […]

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Your Top-to-Bottom Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

The weather in Wisconsin can finally be classified as spring, which means it’s time to give your home the deep clean that comes with warmer temperatures.  It’s finally time for a good spring cleaning.  To help you get your home completely cleaned before spring turns into summer, we’ve given you a complete spring cleaning checklist […]

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