Month: March 2017

Floors Perfect for Homes with Pets

From their great personality to their crazy antics, our pets have a way of working into our hearts. Inevitably that means, as a valued member of our family, our furry friends also work their way into our homes and across our floors.  When it’s time to replace those floors, it makes cents to keep our […]

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5 DIY Home Décor Projects You Can Get Done in a Weekend

This title isn’t a Freudian slip; you can start and finish home décor projects from Friday to Sunday (or Monday if you’ve got a vacation day to burn).  Wipe all those half-finished, there’s-still-a-hole-in-my-wall pictures from your mind.  With a little bit of research, some professional advice from the local experts, and the right materials, you […]

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5 Home Projects that Increase Your Home Value

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—not Christmas—tax return time.  If you’re sifting through ideas of ways to spend your tax return, look around you (literally!) for worthy investments of your money and time.  Some home projects can give you a return on your hard-earned dollars in the way of home value.  To make […]

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