Month: August 2016

5 Tips that Keep Your Carpet Clean (& Looking Great)

Some days it seems like your family, pets, and dirty work boots are conspiring against you and your carpets.  Between the dirty foot prints and carpet stains, your carpets take a real beating from the daily traffic—and it can seem almost impossible to keep your carpets clean.  We’ve seen a lot of carpets installed in […]

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5 Tips to Get Your Mudroom Organized for Back to School

Brace yourselves, it’s coming: back-to-school and the inevitable load of back-to-school gear that blocks your door and overwhelms your entryway.  Ironically, the room that takes the biggest beating is your mudroom or entryway—the room where all the books, backpacks, shoes…and boots end up.  Here’s how to get all that “stuff” organized for a great school […]

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5 Tips So You & Your Home Survive the Heat (Without AC)

We’re going to state the obvious: it’s hot.  And humid.  Our Midwestern summer is in full swing, and the heat and humidity can feel suffocating and even damage you and your home.  That’s right, the heat can even take a toll on your home, especially your floors—unless you use these tips to get you and […]

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