Month: July 2016

Wood Floors & Humidity: How to Protect Your Floors

Steam bath. Sauna.  There are certain times of the year (like now) when our Wisconsin weather certainly fits these terms to a T.  You know what we mean: when you just step out the door and start to sweat, and your clothes end up a sopping mess after a short walk.  Your wood floors go […]

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4 Home Design Trends You’re Going to Want in Your Home

There have been some really neat home trends that have come out lately—all related to flooring, and all really beautiful trends that even the most “non-trendy” homeowner is going to want in their home.  From carpet upgrades to design ideas, here are four of the most beautiful and practical ideas to add to your home […]

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5 Cleaning Tasks to Get Done this Summer

We can hear your reaction to this title, “Cleaning?! Who wants to worry about cleaning during the summer?” We understand. Summer is the perfect time for swimming, vacations, camping, grill outs…and some very strategic summer cleaning tasks.  That’s right, there are a few cleaning tasks to tackle during the warm summer months—cleaning tasks that are […]

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