Month: April 2016

6 Summer Home Projects That Dress Up Your Home

It doesn’t take much to spruce up your home and look like new—and those small touches often don’t cost that much.  Summer is the perfect time to make those little touches through summer home projects; with everyone out and about and frequent summer barbecues, your home projects are sure to be noticed by your guests—while […]

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Water in my basement! 10 Steps to a Dry Basement

A flooded basement is the last thing any homeowners expect to see, but it does happen—and usually at the most inconvenient time.  When you do find a basement full of water, it’s hard to know what to do through the rising panic.  That’s why we’ve laid out the 10 steps you need to take back […]

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20 of our Favorite Floor Spring Cleaning Tips

When you’re tackling spring cleaning, don’t just look up at your dusty curtains or streaked windows.  Look down; winter and the spring mud can be particularly hard on your floors. Preventative Train your pets to stop at the door so you can clean off paws before they come in. Put down rugs by all doors. […]

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