Month: March 2016

4 Floors Perfect for Gray Rooms

They say gray is the new neutral, and it shows; gray rooms are becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes. Once you make your gray paint choice, though, your next design choice becomes obvious: what kind of floor looks best in a gray room? Wood Wood floors look great in gray rooms, and are available in […]

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4 Budget-Friendly Flooring Tips

The reasons for floor replacement are endless: you’re sick of the rips, scratches, and stains; those outdated floors are, well, outdated; you need a better flooring that can take kid, pet, or heavy traffic… Whatever your reason is, or how big your remodeling project is, there are ways you can save money on your new […]

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6 Reasons to Put Carpet Cleaning at the Top of your Spring Cleaning List

It’s spring! SPRING! Time to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, and tackle your spring cleaning checklist. While the last reason may not be the most fun, spring is an ideal time to put on your gloves, open the windows, and get all the winter grime out of your house and yard. What should be […]

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