Month: May 2015

5 Home Projects You Can Get Done in a Weekend

We don’t think we’re overreaching with this title. Believe it or not, there are home projects you can get done in a weekend—and from start to finish, so get those pictures of torn apart, half-finished rooms out of your head. Then take a deep breath and start weighing your options. Which project makes the most […]

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Need to clean up water in your basement?

“April showers bring May flowers.” April (or any time of the year) showers also bring storms, flooded basements and mold if the basement is not cleaned up properly. That’s why it’s so important to go step-by-step to clean up water in your basement, and bring in professionals to assist with flooding clean-up. Cleaning up water […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floor

Just bought a new house? Is the flooring you picked out when you built your house finally ready to go? Or have you finally saved up enough to replace the last homeowner’s flooring mistake? If you’re a rookie to choosing the perfect floor, it’s wise to do your research. Choosing the perfect floor is not […]

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