Month: February 2015

Feeling cold…inside? Warm up with radiant flooring.

We’re not going to lie to you, or try to tell you that our current Wisconsin wind chills aren’t FREEZING! But when your interior rooms feel as cold as the outside, it’s time for a change. In addition to the usual suspects to warm your home like replacing a furnace, drafty windows and doors, consider […]

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Winter Floor Cleaning Tips

Winter has descended upon Wisconsin. As the season arrives, so does the water, gravel, ice and snow tracked onto your hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpet and tile floors. You know, the wood floors you just installed or the carpet you’re trying to keep looking brand new for as long as possible. So how do you keep […]

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5 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy Flooring

It’s easy to fall in love with flooring. We understand, we’ve done it (yes, we’ll admit it!). However, when you have to have that particular kind of flooring, or look, without giving a second thought to how well that flooring fits your home and traffic patterns, you’re just setting yourself up for buyer’s remorse. So […]

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