Month: August 2014

Give your Wood Floors a Second Chance

If your wood floor has seen better days (or has been beat up on better days when kids and pets were running about), don’t start playing taps just yet. You don’t have to get a memorial stone or order a dumpster. Give those wood floors new life by repairing and refinishing them. Prep your house […]

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Why wood floors?

Hand-scraped. Engineered hardwood. Oak. Bamboo. Cherry. Dark. Light. There are so many beautiful wood flooring options that can enhance your décor, but there are reasons beyond looks that make wood floors an excellent option for any home. It may not be the start of school yet, but let’s put on our glasses and research our […]

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What kind of floors work with radiant heating?

Ever felt warm flooring under your feet? In addition to feeling warm and wonderful, radiant heating also is an excellent source of heating for rooms where traditional ducting cannot be run—or where you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of a duct. Radiant heating is more energy efficient than baseboard heating, and doesn’t lose […]

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