beautiful wood floor in kitchen

Are wood floors in a kitchen a good idea?

The question, “are wood floors in a kitchen a good idea?” is a very common one. It’s also a question with two answers: yes and no. It’s also easy-to-understand question because wood floors are gorgeous. Hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to a space. These floors are so popular they can even increase property value. […]

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bathroom with best wood floors for bathrooms

Best Wood Floors for Bathrooms

The best wood floors for bathrooms aren’t wood, but they are beautiful. Plus, they look just like wood. So why are the best wood floors for bathrooms not real wood? Hardwood floors are prone to water damage, and the humidity and high risk of water spills can damage wood floors in bathrooms. Wood floors are […]

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woman working at computer with durable home office flooring

Your Complete Guide to Home Office Flooring

Work-at-homers, this complete guide to home office flooring has it all: most durable floors, most budget-friendly flooring, and the floors that do it all. Home Office Floors Most Budget-Friendly Floor for Home Offices Carpet Remnants Carpet remnants are the remainder of a roll, and are typically sold at discounted prices. Remnants are perfect for small […]

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little girls on clean carpet tiles tiles

How to Clean Carpet Tiles (And Keep them Clean!)

Carpet tile is a popular choice for high-traffic spaces, which is why it’s a good idea to keep these ‘how to clean carpet tiles’ tips close at hand. Foot and paw traffic—plus spills!—wears down and stains carpet tiles (especially when snow and salt is tracked in). Fortunately, carpet cleaning is not that much different than […]

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family with dog on best carpet for pets

The (Very) Best Carpet for Pets

Love the softness of your pet and carpet? You can have both, especially with these tips for choosing the best carpet for pets that you both’ll love. How to Choose the Best Carpet for Pets Material Carpet is typically made from several different types of materials, and some of them are better for homes with […]

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luxury vinyl plank in living room

Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring FAQs (With Pictures)

The first thing to know about floating vinyl plank flooring is it is beautiful. This post has everything else you need to know about durable vinyl plank flooring, from choosing the right floor to floor care. How do I choose the right glued down vinyl plank flooring? Glued Down vs Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring There […]

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living room with luxury vinyl plank floors that look like wood

Glued Down vs. Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring: The Good, The Bad, The Better

It’s easy to decide to add Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring to your home, but a little bit hard to decide glued down vs. floating vinyl plank flooring. This guide explores every aspect of the question, including acoustics, installation, cost, and a variety of other factors. Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons Vinyl Plank Flooring […]

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basement with best waterproof floor for basements

Best Waterproof Floors for Basements

Unfortunately, water damage is a real threat to basement flooring, which is why this list of waterproof floors for basements is necessary. Moisture continually seeps through a basement concrete slab. Flooding is a real threat in some basements. Waterproof floors are the answer, allowing homeowners to enjoy their basement without worrying about water damage. Some […]

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family in basement family room

Is wood flooring a good basement flooring option?

If you’re asking if wood floors are a good basement flooring option, the answer is yes and no. Wood flooring is gorgeous and durable, but solid hardwood flooring is not recommended in basements. Solid wood flooring is susceptible to damage from porous moisture in the concrete slab. The moisture may cause hardwood floors to buckle […]

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wood floors in home with grand piano and furniture

How to Choose the Best Wisconsin Floors for Your Home

If you’re Googling “Wisconsin Floors,” you’re looking for tough flooring that can withstand snow, rain, hot, and cold. Wisconsin floors need to be durable, but also has to look gorgeous—and stay looking gorgeous—for as long as it is installed. Fortunately, there are quite a few floors that check off all these boxes, including luxury vinyl […]

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