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The New Hot Trend: Why Vinyl Plank Flooring is the “Right” Wood

Do you worry about water spills on those hard wood floors? Consider vinyl.

Do you worry about water spills on those hard wood floors? Consider vinyl.

Love the look of wood and laminate flooring but hate dealing with water? If you have a solid wood floor or laminate flooring, you know what we’re talking about: it’s that terrified dive for a towel or rag any time you see water near your wood floor. The hot new flooring trend, and answer to homeowners’ fears of water damage on wood, is vinyl plank flooring. With the look of real wood, and immunity to warping from water damage, vinyl boasts many more advantages:

  • No one realizes it’s not wood until they practically lie down on it. We’re serious. We recently installed a new vinyl plank flooring at a customer’s, and unless you physically lie down on it, it looked like wood.
  • It’s indestructible. Vinyl plank flooring is durable and tough, making it ideal for homes with pets, kids and messy cooks.
  • Vinyl plank floors are affordable. With a low price per square foot, vinyl plank flooring is one of the most affordable flooring products in the market.
  • You can install it yourself. Many vinyl plank flooring products snap together, making it suitable for DIYers who want a new, durable flooring they can install themselves.
  • Easy to clean. Have a spill or pet puddle? Wipe up your vinyl plank flooring with a rag, and mop your messes away.

Because you don’t have to worry about water, you can put vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen and entryway without worry while enjoying the look of real wood. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop in at any Y’s Way Flooring to see the new vinyl plank flooring products. We’ll even let you lay on it so you can tell it’s vinyl, and we’ll keep it a secret from all your guests that come in oohing and ahing over your beautiful, new wood floors.

The BEST Floor for Your Kitchen

What's the best floor for your kitchen?

What’s the best floor for your kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home—and better be, if you want to eat. Even if microwave cooking is more your chef style, with today’s open home designs, your kitchen needs to look like the heart of your home.

Start with your flooring. Why? It covers a majority of the surface area, is a major part of your kitchen design and it’s important. Whether you have kids running through, dogs begging at your feet or a spouse sneaking late night snacks, you need a durable, beautiful floor that can withstand continual traffic, food spills and puddles. The good news: you have a lot of options that fit the criteria. The bad news: there are a lot of options.

Wood flooring

Pros: Beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, long lasting. We’ve all seen century-old hardwood floors that held up through the ages. With a variety of finishes, wood flooring is stunning and easy to clean.

Cons: Water & scratching. If you’re a messy cook or dishwasher, think twice. Any sitting water on hardwood flooring can cause damage and staining. Have a high traffic home with kids or pets (or both)? Consider hand-scraped hardwood flooring, which hides the dings and scratches that come with busy households.


Pros: Beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, loves radiant floor heating. Available in almost any color, tile is a beautiful option just begging for radiant floor heating. Easy to clean, tile flooring requires only a daily sweeping and an occasional mopping. You don’t have to worry about standing water with tile flooring, as most tile floors are mildew and water resistant.

Cons: Cold without radiant floor heating, hard to stand on, can be prone to dings. Many kinds of tile can take anything you throw at it—except your dishes. Because of the hardness of tile, any plates or cups dropped on the floor are prone to shattering. The hardness can also be hard to stand on for long periods of time, and tile can feel cold to the feet without radiant floor heating.


Pros: Tons of options, durable, easy-to-clean. The days of your grandmother’s boring laminate flooring is gone, replaced by laminate flooring in almost any color that can fool your visitors. While laminate flooring may look like wood, laminate flooring is tougher while still boasting the easy-to-clean quality of a wood floor.

Cons: Water & scratching. Homeowners with laminate floors have to be on the watch for water; any standing water can warp laminate floors. Laminate floors are tough but can scratch, leaving visible damage on the floors.


Pros: Indestructible, beautiful, tolerates water well. Vinyl floors can take standing water without any problem—even if you have a foot of flooding in your kitchen. Today’s vinyl floors have the look of stone, wood, any look you would want.

Cons: Scratching & glue. Vinyl floors can be scratched, leaving your floor with visible damage. Do your research when shopping for vinyl floors; there are many different quality levels of vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors also are glued down, making it a long-term flooring solution that is difficult to change frequently if you tire of your flooring.

So what’s the BEST floor for your kitchen? The answer is different for every home. Do your research, and talk to your local experts for flooring recommendations that have worked in local homes. If your kitchen has an exterior door, take that into account when selecting your flooring, or find a rug that won’t damage the floor.  Looking for the warm benefits of radiant floor heating? Tell your sales associate so they can show you flooring that works with radiant flooring. If you are still undecided about what is the best option for your family, visit your local flooring experts and talk to your friends and family.  Find out what flooring they would (or wouldn’t) recommend for one of the most important rooms in your home.

Give your Wood Floors a Second Chance

wood floor_with inlayIf your wood floor has seen better days (or has been beat up on better days when kids and pets were running about), don’t start playing taps just yet. You don’t have to get a memorial stone or order a dumpster. Give those wood floors new life by repairing and refinishing them.

  • Prep your house for the repairing and refinishing process. Clear the room of all furniture. Cover doorways around the room with a plastic sheeting to confine the dust.
  • Quiet that floor down! Start with repair. If your floors are creaky or have boards missing, contact an expert that can fix the creak and add matching boards to create a seamless, quiet floor. Your expert might tell you it’s time to replace those floors with new wood flooring (and if you have to put in a new floor, consider prefinished floors so you don’t have to deal with the dust!).
  • Sand it down. Rent a sander or hire a floor expert to sand down or screen your floors. If your floors are a candidate for screening, go for it. Screening your floors does not involve the dust, while still giving your floors a new look.
  • Apply the perfect finish. Work with a flooring expert to choose the color that works with the décor of your home. You might also want to consider your lifestyle when choosing the stain as well—dark floors tend to show pet hair more, while light floors show stains. These may be the floors that were in your grandmother’s house, but we guarantee your grandmother did not have the colors and options that come with today’s solid hardwood floors. Solid hardwood floors come in a variety of finishes that allow you to bring out as much of the wood grain as you want.
  • Sit back and enjoy. Enjoy the benefits of a repaired, beautiful wood floor.

If you can’t save your floors, don’t despair. Talking to the experts and a good hardwood flooring installer can give you new flooring with the look you desire—along with all the advantages of a wood floor.

Why wood floors?

Start your wood floor research here, and enjoy the benefits of wood later!

Start your wood floor research here, and enjoy the benefits of wood later!

Hand-scraped. Engineered hardwood. Oak. Bamboo. Cherry. Dark. Light. There are so many beautiful wood flooring options that can enhance your décor, but there are reasons beyond looks that make wood floors an excellent option for any home. It may not be the start of school yet, but let’s put on our glasses and research our wood flooring facts and advantages:

  • Durability. Want long lasting? These floors can take it and make it for a long time. Some wood floors have even celebrated century birthdays. If you have kids and pets, hand-scraped floors can hide the wear and tear that come with an active household, and laminate wood floors are known for their durability. When solid wood floors or engineered hardwood do scratch or fade, they can be refinished and look like new—for a long, long time.
  • Easy to clean. Forget about pulling that heavy vacuum cleaner out. Don’t invest in a carpet cleaner. Wood floors are easy to clean and require few cleaning products. Beware of steam cleaning your wood floors, though, as there are some definite reasons to proceed with caution.
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers. Because they are easy to clean, it’s easy to clear the dust out of your home—a clear advantage for those allergic to dust and dust mites. Carpet can also work well for allergy sufferers, but they need a deep clean on a regular basis.
  • Eco-friendly. Bamboo and cork flooring, for example, are a renewable resource. Unlike other woods, cork is not harvested and the bark grows back in less than a decade. Bamboo is also considered a green product.
  • Warmth. Hardwood floors can not only bring a warm and cozy look to your home, but engineered hardwood and laminate can also be installed over radiant heating. Radiant heating is energy efficient and gives any room an even heat, along with other practical advantages.
  • Increase the value of your home. Because of all the advantages listed above, wood floors are highly sought after by buyers and can increase the value of your home.

Wood flooring is not invincible (watch out when humidity and water are involved!), but they are great option for any home. Choosing the option and price that’s right for your home and lifestyle takes a little homework, but the benefits (and look!) are well worth the research. And just like school, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it!