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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

wood floorsIt’s time to set realistic New Year’s resolutions that you can (actually) stick to.  While everyone else is making plans for their new workout schedule or starting their diet, you’re looking for New Year’s resolutions that you can fulfill. Look around you. What better resolution to make than to improve the functionality or aesthetics of your home? Resolutions like:

  1. I will get my taxes done. The sooner you get your taxes done, the sooner you can get that tax rebate to get your carpets cleaned or replace the flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom…
  2. I will get my carpets cleaned. Even if you have a stain that you are sure can’t be cleaned, give it a try. Call the professionals and watch them get those carpets looking like new again—saving you the cost of new carpets and removing allergens from your carpets.
  3. I will not worry about water damage. Are you terrified of water hitting and damaging your wood floors? Replace those wood floors with vinyl plank flooring, which looks like wood but can withstand any water that spills.
  4. I will get new window coverings so my toddler sleeps in. Desperate for a good night’s sleep without your early morning toddler wake-up call? Have custom blinds installed in your toddler’s room that darken the room, look great and can give you the sleep you desire.
  5. I will house train my puppy. The sooner you finish house training, the sooner you can have those carpets cleaned or replaced and those stains gone forever.
  6. I will stop ignoring that nasty hallway. If the carpeting in your hallway is stained, or the wood flooring is buckling, look into a remnant.  Remnants are carpet that is left over and bargain priced. And while you can only buy what’s left on the remnant, it’s enough to replace the carpeting in your hallway, office or spare bedroom for a low price.
  7. I will finish my basement. Give your family another space for fun as a cold, wet Wisconsin winter sets in. Use our blog post to decide what kind of flooring works in your new basement space, and get the ball rolling on your new space.
  8. I will get my mudroom organized, and ready for nasty Wisconsin weather. Give your mudroom a face lift. Install new flooring that can handle sand, mud and snow.
  9. I will update my kitchen. Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. Update your countertops, and install a new backsplash for a new look. Once you’ve decided on your new countertop surfaces, choose a backsplash that fits your taste—and your budget.
  10. I will give my wood floor a face lift. Making your wood floors look new doesn’t always mean purchasing new wood flooring. Find out if your wood floor can be refinished so it looks like new again.

Studies have shown that only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually fulfill them. Don’t be like the 92%. Head over to Y’s Way Flooring today to start researching what floor works for your project, so you can get started—and get done—with your New Year’s resolution project.

What kind of backsplash tile is available?

10532797_10152564225224378_1945387486072007828_nScenario 1: You love your kitchen countertops. The color of the cabinets complements your beautiful flooring. However, you just feel like something’s missing…

Scenario 2: Your kitchen is functional and you love the layout, but it’s dated.  You’re researching inexpensive ways to update your kitchen without paying for new cabinets (which you don’t need). You’ve found new countertops and flooring, which cost a lot less than you thought. But it needs more…

The answer to scenario 1 and 2? Backsplash tiles. Backsplash tiles can be added to your kitchen at any time: before or after your countertops are installed, whenever you need to add that pop of color. Backsplashes are also one of the cheapest ways to update a kitchen, and can be a do-it-yourself project or a job you hire a professional to complete. They come in a variety of materials, colors and styles, and are easy to clean when your pot of pasta sauce gets all over your wall.

  • Glass. Want a tile with a lot of color? Whether you choose a single color of tile or a multi-colored glass tile, glass tiles are a pop of color for any kitchen. If you want white cabinets and want to add another color to break it up but you don’t want to go crazy, consider a single color backsplash tile for a great focal point.
  • Metal. Need a shiny focal point? Or would you like to add a classic touch with the old fashioned look of tin tiles? Metal tiles come in a variety of shapes and textures, and are perfect for light or dark cabinets.
  • Stone or ceramic. If you want a neutral addition to your kitchen, consider stone and ceramic tiles.
  • Mixture. Can’t decide which option is best or want the best of both? Mixed tiles are your answer. Choose a mixture of ceramic and glass for a pop of color, or glass and stone for a different look for your kitchen backsplash.

Don’t be afraid to be unique with your kitchen backsplash—you don’t have to just install backsplash tiles between your counter and cabinets. Consider running your backsplash to the ceiling or using a different pattern behind your stove for a unique focal point. Head into a local tile showroom for inspiration, to find the latest new tile designs for your kitchen or to talk to a professional about design and installation. Ask for a quote, set up an installation date and enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefit of a new backsplash.