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Floor Cleaning Tips that Ready Your Home for Sale

living room carpetHome sellers, it’s no secret that your home needs to be cleaner than ever when you’re trying to sell. Also not surprising is that those potential home buyers touring your home start their scan under their feet: your floors. What they see is up to you: your floors can be a sign of how well you take of your home OR a red flag that leads your potential buyers to make a low-ball offer. That’s why you need to take these floor cleaning tips to heart as you ready your home (especially your floors!) for sale.

Get any old stains (and smells) out of carpet.

A carpet full of old stains and odors can be one of the biggest reasons a potential buyer puts in a lower offer. After all, if a carpet is full of stains it needs to be replaced, right? Not necessarily. If your carpet has old stains, you still may be able to get those stains and residual odors out (use our carpet stain guide to help). As a last resort, a professional carpet cleaner may be able to tackle stains you can’t, as well as get odors out that can detract potential buyers.

Be careful about floor cleaners.

When cleaning your floors, be cautious. Test any cleaners you use in any unused area to make sure the cleaner doesn’t discolor the carpet.

Deep clean your floors.

Don’t stop with carpet stains. Deep clean every floor in your home (or schedule a deep cleaning) to make them look the best for future showings. After the deep clean, place rugs by all your exterior doors to catch any grit, dirt, or water potential buyers may track in (or ask them to leave their shoes by the door).

Repair any issues.

If your home’s flooring has any issues, now is the time to repair them. Contact local flooring experts to repair any cracks, squeaks, or damage so your home looks ready to move in.

Don’t leave standing water on floors.

As you prep your home for market, make sure you don’t leave standing waters on your floors when you clean. Puddles can damage wood and laminate floors, and a very wet carpet can cause odors—all of which can be huge detractors to potential home buyers.

20 of our Favorite Floor Spring Cleaning Tips

living room carpet after spring floor cleaningWhen you’re tackling spring cleaning, don’t just look up at your dusty curtains or streaked windows.  Look down; winter and the spring mud can be particularly hard on your floors.


  1. Train your pets to stop at the door so you can clean off paws before they come in.
  2. Put down rugs by all doors.
  3. Try to clean water spills off your wood floors as soon as possible (they could damage your floors).
  4. Sweep you floors daily to get rid of the gravel and small stones that get tracked in.
  5. Ask your guests to take off their shoes or, at the very least, wipe their shoes off on your rugs before they come in.
  6. Add felt pads to all your chairs and furniture (including folding chairs) to avoid scratches.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask your local flooring experts about cleaners BEFORE you mop your floors; they can give you a list of approved cleaners so you don’t void the warranty.


  1. Buy a vacuum that won’t damage your carpet.
  2. Vacuum before you carpet clean your floors.
  3. Test a spot on your carpet that is not visible (i.e. under a chair) to make sure your cleaner doesn’t discolor your carpet.
  4. Blot stains, don’t scrub. Don’t twist your carpet fibers when you clean up carpet stains.
  5. Schedule a professional deep carpet cleaning to get all the salt and snow out of your carpets.

Wood Floors

  1. Don’t use water to clean your wood floors, as it may damage the wood.
  2. Be VERY careful when using a steam cleaner on your wood floors, or don’t use one at all (this could affect the warranty on your floor).
  3. Only use approved cleaners on your wood floors for a deep spring cleaning.


  1. Scrub your grout with an approved cleaner.
  2. Mop your tile floor regularly.


  1. Do not use water to clean your floors (standing water can damage laminate floors).
  2. Use a soft padded mop and approved cleaner to give your floors a deep spring cleaning.
  3. Don’t use a steam cleaner on your laminate floors (this could affect the warranty on your floor).

Have any questions about deep spring cleaning? Contact us via email or on our Facebook page.  We can help you get your spring cleaning done (at least your floors!).