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8 GOOD Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

luxury vinyl plank floorIt’s not often that a flooring checks off all the boxes, but luxury vinyl plank floors are beautiful and versatile enough to fit in any almost room. For busy households or high traffic commercial buildings, luxury vinyl plank flooring is tough enough to handle a lot of foot traffic—just one of many reasons to consider luxury vinyl plank floors for your home or business.

Durable with a capital D.

Luxury vinyl plank floors are fairly worry-free. Unlike other floors, they don’t scratch easily and are hard to stain. For that reason, they are ideal for homes and businesses with pets and kids. These floors can take all the foot and paw traffic without showing any signs of wear.

Easy to care for

Vinyl floors are fairly easy to care for, only requiring a regular sweep and an occasional mop. Be cautious about using a vacuum cleaner on the floor; look specifically for vacuum cleaners that are gentle on hard floors. Abrasive cleaners can also damage vinyl floors, so make sure you consult with the experts for cleaners that are manufacture-approved and won’t void the warranty.

Practically waterproof

Most luxury vinyl plank floors are water resistant; some products are also guaranteed waterproof. This resilience makes cleaning up spills, pet accidents, and water puddles incredibly less stressful (no damage!).


Wood. Stone. Wide plank. Tile. Luxury vinyl floors come in many different styles, easily mimicking the look of wood and tile floors. These floors can look stunning in a mud room, laundry room, or bathroom without any fear of water damage—and your guests’ll never guess that the floors are not wood or stone.


Luxury vinyl plank floors are becoming increasingly more affordable—especially if you buy in bulk. If you need a large quantity, talk to salesperson about purchasing the floor in bulk which is often offered at a lower price per square foot.

Built for MORE extreme temperatures

In the past, vinyl floors could become extremely brittle and fragile in extremely cold temperatures. Today’s luxury vinyl plank floors are being manufactured to handle severely cold and hot temperatures; one of the newest luxury vinyl plank floors can be installed in a room where temperatures reach as low as 25 and as high as 155 (and that’s not a typo!).

Ideal for a basement

Because these floors are water resistant (or waterproof) and can handle extreme temperatures, luxury vinyl plank floors are ideal for basements. Basement flooring is installed over a porous concrete slab that moisture seeps through, warping floors affected by water. Luxury vinyl plank floors can handle moisture and extreme temperatures and still look stunning.

A convenient DIY project

Luxury vinyl plank floors can be installed with or without grout, making them an easy do-it-yourself project for a handy homeowner. Ask your local flooring pro to connect you with products that can serve as a great DIY project and a handsome new flooring in your home.

5 DIY Home Décor Projects You Can Get Done in a Weekend

bathroom with tile around tub and on floorThis title isn’t a Freudian slip; you can start and finish home décor projects from Friday to Sunday (or Monday if you’ve got a vacation day to burn).  Wipe all those half-finished, there’s-still-a-hole-in-my-wall pictures from your mind.  With a little bit of research, some professional advice from the local experts, and the right materials, you can use a weekend to transform any room of your home.


remodeled kitchen that adds valueA backsplash can be the finishing touch that adds a touch of ‘wow’ to your kitchen.  Make sure you measure the area correctly and do your homework before you even think of applying the tile adhesive.  Once you have the step-by-step directions memorized, visit your local home décor store to pick out the right tile for your kitchen and to get the professional advice you need to get the job completed by Monday.

Bathroom facelift

tile floor in bathroom with white vanity and tile showerIf you’re tired of that worn-out bathroom surround or that outdated ugly tile (insert color here), give your bathroom a facelift with new bathroom tile.  Depending on the scope of your project and size of your bathroom, you may need to allocate more time to get from start to finish.  Obviously, installing tile around a half bath is going to go faster than tiling around a huge, luxurious shower.

New laminate or wood floor

Floating floors are fairly easy to install before you don’t need to worry about nails.  Three of the most popular floating floors are laminate, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl planks.  All three are incredibly durable and easy to install if you have the correct tools and information.

cherry colored laminate floor in kitchenYou can also get a good deal on these floors if you buy in bulk or watch for deals.  Before you install the floors, make sure you do your share of prep work before you start installing.  In addition to ripping up your old floors, you need to remove all staples, level, and get your sub-floor ready for the new, fantastic looking floating floor.

Tile floor

A new tile floor can give your new entryway, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, or mud room a whole new look—and can handle all the water that typically gets spilled or tracked into these rooms.  As an added bonus, tile can be installed over radiant floor heating, which makes your new tile floors a welcome warm addition under your feet.  As with all do-it-yourself projects, do your homework (especially if radiant floor heating is involved) and make sure you ask how much maintenance your tile and grout require over the life of your new tile floor.

Outside tile projects

front steps with porcelain tileAdding tile to your patio or front step is a project that you can dream about all winter long until you have a warm weekend to tackle and complete this terrific addition to your outdoor space (and to dream of the great times you’ll have once it’s warm).  Make sure you prep the space completely before you get started and you mention to your salesman that you are buying tile that is going outside.  Choose a weekend that is warm enough for installation and curing, and plan a fun get together to show off your DIY tile installation once it’s done.