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Tough Mudroom Flooring that Looks Great

mudroom with durable tile floorMudrooms deserve a certain amount of respect. After all, these rooms are the dropping ground for shoes, backpacks, sports bags, winter gear, as well as a receptacle of all the sand, dirt, snow and gravel that gets tracked in on our shoes and paws.

No matter how many shelves, hooks, and other organization hacks are utilized (and how many times kids are told to clean off their feet), mudroom floors are the recipients of a lot of abuse. That’s why mudroom floors need to be tough, durable, attractive, and easy-to-clean.

Not every kind of flooring can fit all the criteria. Wood floors are attractive and tough, but can be water damaged or stained by standing water. There are other floors, however, that can take whatever life throws at it and still look great.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is one of the most popular products on the market and for very good reason. These floors come in a variety of styles that fit with almost every kind of décor. Luxury vinyl floor mimic the look of tile and wood—without the issues. Luxury vinyl floors aren’t as cold underfoot as tile and can be installed without grout (making them easier to clean). While these floors bear a striking resemblance to wood (so close many can’t tell!), luxury vinyl is resilient to water and won’t be damaged or stained by puddles. As an added bonus for handy homeowners, some luxury vinyl plank floors can be installed as a do-it-yourself project (if you intend on a DIY installation, let the salesperson know).

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile can take everything that comes with a busy mudroom. These gorgeous floors are water, odor, and mildew resistant (perfect for rooms that are wet or humid). The one complaint that comes with porcelain tile is that it is cool underfoot; this concern can be addressed by installing the tile over radiant heating. If you are considering the latter, there are two options for radiant heating. For homes with radiant heating, the system can run with a boiler. Homeowners with forced heating can install an electric radiant heating mat under the tile; porcelain tile is a natural heat conductor (and can be installed with a thermostat).

Brick Tile

For a truly unique look or to add character to a home, consider brick tiles. These tiles are incredibly durable and easy to clean; the tiles can be swept, vacuumed, or dry mopped to maintain their one-of-a-kind (and charming) appearance. Brick tiles are also durable and can easily be installed in a neighboring bathroom for a cohesive look.

Waterproof Laminate

Laminate floors are incredibly durable but have not been a recommend flooring choice for mudrooms in the past. However, some new laminate floor products are waterproof, alleviating the concern while still offering an affordable and stunning flooring option for a mudroom (if you need waterproof laminate, let your salesperson know that you are looking for flooring for a room with water). In addition to affordable, laminate floors can mimic the look of wood or stone and can hold up in mudrooms that are heavily trafficked by feet and paws.

Sheet Vinyl   

When it comes to looks, modern sheet vinyl products have come a long way. Today’s sheet vinyl floors look fantastic and are extremely durable. In some cases, sheet vinyl floors have even held up in rooms that have flooded (talk about waterproof!). These floors are easy-to-clean and can take all the snow, gravel, dirt, and sand that gets tracked into a busy mudroom.

What types of floor works best in a kitchen?

wood floor in a kitchen that needs to be protected from water on floorToday’s kitchens are for more than just meal preparation. Kitchens are for homework, dining, baking, and a lot of special family moments. All that time in the kitchen can be hard on floors, especially with frequent spills, heavy foot traffic, and messes on the menu.

Kitchen floors are an investment that pays dividends, both in terms of style and use. For that reason, deciding on the right flooring for a kitchen is not one that can be made lightly. There are four types of floors that are quality options, though the best flooring is different for everyone. Once you’ve browsed through the list of kitchen flooring options, ask your local pros to see the styles that would look and wear the best in the kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl

luxury vinyl plank floorLuxury vinyl is the newest water-resistant flooring product; it’s also one of the best floors for kitchens, both in terms of appearance and resilience. Modern luxury vinyl floors come in a variety of styles and colors, looking just like a wood or tile floor. Because of the diverse amount of options, luxury vinyl floors can fit in with traditional, rustic, and modern-styled rooms. These floors are also extremely practical, proving to be incredibly durable even in high traffic areas and easy-to-clean.


Hardwood floors are a timeless classic that can actually increase the value of a home. Modern hardwood floors come in wide- and thin-plank styles in almost every color and type of wood. Homeowners can choose between a traditional wood floor that is installed unfinished (the finish is chosen after the installation). For a “less fuss” option, choose a pre-finished wood floor that can be installed and enjoyed almost immediately. There is one disclaimer that comes with a beautiful wood floor, however: wood floors can be damaged by standing water. Be very careful about puddles and appliance flooding and leaks; they can stain and permanently damage the floors.


Today’s tiles come in more styles and varieties than ever before, making them an ideal addition to any décor. Some tile products resemble wood (perfect for a room where water damage is a concern!) or brick for a unique look. As an extra bonus, tiles can be laid over radiant heating which warms them even on the coolest days.


cherry colored laminate floor in kitchenA laminate floor can be a durable addition to any kitchen; these floors do come with a similar disclaimer to wood floors, though. Laminate floors can be damaged by standing water and appliance flooding and leaks. These floors resemble the look of wood, but with a more affordable price tag, and are extremely durable (even with a lot of foot and paw traffic). For these reasons, laminate floors can hold up even in the highest-trafficked rooms, such as the kitchen.

5 Beautiful Lake House Flooring Ideas

friends pedaling on lake before heading back to cabin on lakeA house on the lake is the source of all good things: fun on the water, campfires, cool nights by the fireplace, boat rides, kayaking, tubing, water skiing, paddle boarding. A home on the water can also be a bit of an enigma when it comes to choosing the best flooring that can handle the constant foot traffic of guests and pets—and all the water that gets tracked in!

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl may be the newest product on the market, but don’t count out the “new kid on the block.” These floors are incredibly durable, can handle the heaviest amounts of foot and paw traffic, and are easy-to-clean. Many luxury vinyl floors are water-resistant or even waterproof (ask your salesman for details). Newer luxury vinyl products are being built to handle the hottest and coldest areas, making them ideal for rooms that aren’t air-conditioned or heated (again, ask your salesperson about the temperature range for your preferred luxury vinyl floors). For the handiest lake house owners, luxury vinyl floors can be installed as a do-it-yourself project.


Tile floors come in a variety of colors and looks, ranging from long planks to the classic square tiles. Porcelain tile is water, odor and mildew resistant, making it an ideal tile for in a sunroom, or around the front or garage door. New tile products also come in the look of wood, making it almost impossible to tell the difference (but without worrying about water damage!). To keep tile floors warm under foot on cool nights, consider installing radiant floor heating under tiles which naturally conduct the heat (for other flooring ideas that can be installed over radiant heat flooring, read this list).

Sheet Vinyl

Modern sheet vinyl products have come a long way from their traditional predecessors, both in style and durability. Sheet vinyl is easy-to-clean and install, and can take as much water, foot and paw traffic as lake house life can throw at it. New sheet vinyl floors resemble the look of wood, tile, or stone floors.

Carpet Tiles

If softness is a priority, consider carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are durable and look great. Depending on the method of installation, carpet tiles can also be pulled up and replaced when needed (such as when stained). Carpet tiles can also be installed in a pattern, making it a fashionable choice for any lake house.

Engineered Hardwoods

Traditional hardwoods can be installed in main areas of a lake house but comes with disclaimers. Hardwood floors can be damaged and stained by water, and shouldn’t be installed over concrete slabs; moisture in the slab can warp and permanently damage wood floors. Engineered hardwoods, which can withstand moisture from a slab and looks just like real hardwood. Engineered wood floors are also extremely durable and easy-to-clean. Depending on the thickness of the floor, some engineered wood floors can be sanded and refinished. Unfortunately, these floors can be stained or damaged by standing water; because of this, it’s best to install these floors in interior rooms away from exterior doors (especially doors that get a lot of wet paw and foot traffic).