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What is the right window treatment for my bedroom?

bedroom with new carpet and fresh home decor ideasUsually light in your home is a good thing, unless you’re one of those homeowners who prefers to have a dark room when you sleep. For some people, sleeping in a completely dark room is more than a luxury; it’s a requirement for a good night’s sleep. Since no one wants to feel cranky and sleep-deprived (and we do love happy customers), we’ve put together a list of window treatments that can block out the light and guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Drapes fit right in in a traditional home and come in a variety of opacities. The darkest and heaviest options are ideal for a bedroom where light-blocking is a goal, though sheers can be added for a classic feel. Floor-to-ceiling drapes also make a window look larger than it is.

window shutters blocking light


Shutters are a stylish investment that adds character to the bedroom and keeps the room dark. These window treatments can be custom-made to fit any window and give the room a traditional, southern, or beach-front look (and can be installed by the professionals).

Black out curtains

Curtains typically are made with a lighter fabric, but that doesn’t mean they can’t block light. When shopping for curtains, keep the other elements of bedroom décor in mind; too many patterns or colors can give a bedroom a busy or cluttered look. For functionality, look for curtains with a black out liner that can keep out the light and give you the good night’s sleep you desire.


man sitting in sunroom with blindsBlinds look great, come in a variety of colors and styles (stop in to see options for blinds), and can fit any size window, even those hard-to-reach windows. These window treatments can be fitted to skylights and can be controlled by remote or automatically with the sun rays. If privacy is also needed from these window treatments, the blinds can be installed to function from the bottom to top.


The right window treatment is not always one or the other but a combination of both, especially if you have a sitting area in your bedroom. Combine blinds with drapes for a dressed up and functional look. Sheer and heavy drapes can be combined to create a stylish and practical purpose. The perfect window treatments look great and serve a practical (and peaceful) purpose.

6 Window Covering Ideas that Block Out Light

shades installed in Wisconsin home Window treatments may be an integral part of home décor, but there is also a practical side to choosing the right window coverings for a room. Ask anyone working third shift hours and they’ll tell you that a window covering is a godsend for sleeping during the day. But there are other ways a window covering can function in a room as well; in media rooms, the window coverings block out the rays that prevent enjoying the big screen. In homes with a wood floor, homeowners use window coverings as a way to prevent fading and discoloration.

The reasons are many, and so are the options for window coverings. If complete blackout window coverings are needed, mention that key criteria to the salesperson to ensure that the window covering meets expectations. Some window coverings can be broken down further by material, such as wooden versus metal blinds, or opacity, such as blackout or opaque shades, but the overall list of functional window coverings is fairly short and simple.

open shutters installed in a Wisconsin homeShutters

What: Shutters are a functional and beautiful investment; shutters can be open to shut out light or allow in the sun when light is wanted. Though a more expensive option, these window coverings often increase the value of the home. Shutters can be installed over windows and doors.

Ideal rooms/areas: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms

Motorized Shades

What: When you can’t reach a window, such as a high window or skylight, motorized shades are the answer. Motorized shades operate automatically, moving when sun rays are detected, or by remote, opening and closing when requested. The automated shades are ideal in spaces where light is desired but fading of décor (i.e. floors, wooden countertops, etc.) are not. Automated shades move throughout the day dependent on the rays. Motorized shades function by remote, giving you the opportunity to block light when needed without getting out a ladder or any kind of extension pole.

Ideal rooms/areas: Skylights, rooms with cathedral ceilings and high windows, rooms with direct sunlight, bedrooms

Lined Drapes

What: Drapes may be one of the most traditional window coverings, but drapes come in patterns and designs suitable for any modern home. For functionality, many drapes are lined to block out light while still looking striking.

Ideal rooms/areas: Bedrooms, media rooms, dining rooms

Roller Blinds

IMG_5187What: Roller blinds are one of the most versatile and functional window coverings. These blinds can fit almost any size and shape window, and can be installed by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project.

Ideal rooms/areas: Patio doors, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens

Pleated & Cellular Shades

What: Pleated and cellular shades are fabric shades that look great and add function to a room. As an added bonus, cellular shades can also insulate and increase the energy efficiency of a home. These shades can also be installed to open from the bottom of the window up, allowing light while still adding privacy to a room. While not the best blocker of light, pleated and cellular shades can block UV rays that fade and make it hard to enjoy a screen.

Ideal rooms/areas: Sunrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms

Wood & Aluminum Blinds

What: Wood and aluminum blinds are one of the most affordable options, but they aren’t always the best option for blackout because light can seep in on the sides. They are an attractive option, and a good window covering for spaces where some light blocking is needed.

Ideal rooms/areas: Sunrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms

How to Keep Your Home Clean(er) ALL Summer

picture of kitchen remodel with wood floors that need to be cleanedSummer in Wisconsin is a fun time, but all that fun can also make it incredibly busy. Between the sports camps and games, baseball outings, parties, grill outs, hiking, biking, and all those other summer favorites, life can get incredibly hectic. Those hectic summers can take a toll on the home (and the mind!)—especially when the piles of stuff gets as high as you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips that’ll get you and your home through the summer as clean and organized as possible.

Do as much daily cleaning as often as possible.

Small cleaning tasks do add up, so try to do as many small cleaning tasks as possible. Routine cleaning tasks, such as sweeping or wiping down the table, prevents a build-up that takes more time and elbow grease to clean. Routine cleaning also keeps floors and surfaces looking new and prevents damage, such as when you do a daily sweep of a wood floor. A daily sweep removes gravel and debris that can scratch and damage hardwood.

Be prepared for busy times.

When your calendar starts to fill up, take a moment to organize and get ready for a busy week (or month!). Prepare by organizing the mudroom, and putting items that are needed for activities into a bag. For example, put all your swimming items into a bag, sports chairs into the car, and any other items into a bag or backpack that you can easily grab and go.

Enjoy al fresco dining.

If you want to minimize the mess in your home, head outside! Eat meals out on the patio or deck every night so you can keep the mess outside (plus it’s a lot of fun to eat outside!).

Bring in the pros.

Don’t have time for anything other than light cleaning? Contact the pros to do deep cleaning processes, like cleaning the floors. Schedule a floor cleaning before or after a party, or when you have time to let the carpet dry (like right before you go on vacation!). A good deep floor cleaning keeps floors looking new, removes allergens from carpet, and maintains the warranty.

Prevent the mess before it starts.

When you don’t have time to clean, try to keep the mess outside. Place mats by all exterior doors to keep gravel, water, and debris from being tracked in. If placing the mats on a wood floor, contact your local flooring store about protection that should be put under mats to minimize fading or other problems.

Clean faster.

Anyone who has ever sold their time can tell you that speedy cleaning is possible (especially when your agent calls about that possible buyers want to see the home!). Use as many “fast home cleaning” tactics as possible, such as carrying cleaning supplies with you to prevent trips back and forth, so you can keep your home clean and enjoy all your favorite summer activities out in the sun.