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Pet Owners: Can your carpet be fixed?

Puppy wrapped up in a blanket sleeping before house trainingWe all love our pets, but—admittedly—there are times when that love gets tested. Like when our favorite cat rips up the carpeting. Or when the puppy has an accident on the carpet (even after months of house training!). And then there are those trying times when the dog takes a bite (literally!) out of the new carpet.

During those times, pet owners need a LOT of patience even as the questions race through their head. “Can my carpet be saved? How am I ever going to get THAT stain out? Can that big rip in my carpet be repaired? Do I have to get new carpet?”

The comforting news is that you’re not alone. We’ve helped pet owners with damaged carpets plenty of times, and in all different kind of situations (pet stains, rips, tears, holes, etc.) The bad news is that sometimes the carpet can be cleaned or repaired, other times not. We’ve put together a list of cleaning and repair tips that can keep your carpet looking new—or assist you with the decision to save or replace (if you have any doubts, e-mail us or message us with pictures and information so we can help).

Carpet stains

How to fix it: Start cleaning your carpet as soon as possible. Before you apply any cleaner, remove the solids or blot up the liquid. Do not scrub hard on the carpet; it can damage the carpet. If necessary, use a wet/dry vac to remove a lot of liquid. Once the liquid is completely absorbed, test your cleaner on an area of the carpet that is not visible to guests (i.e. in a closet, a corner, or under furniture). Even household solutions can damage and discolor the carpet; when in doubt, contact a local flooring store to get an approved cleaner that won’t void the warranty. Apply the cleaner and blot at the stain (again, not too hard!). If the source of the stain is pet urine, spray the stain with a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar and one quart of water.

If that doesn’t work: If you still can’t get the stain out, contact a carpet cleaner with professional equipment and cleaners that can take care of even the worst pet stain. Sometimes the liquid gets absorbed into the carpet pad; the odor cannot always be removed in these situations. To find out, contact the pros to get a free estimate and an answer on whether the stain and odor can be eliminated.

If you have to replace: Visit a local flooring store to view pet-friendly carpets. There are specific carpets designed just for households with pets. Ask about waterproof carpets, carpets with a blocker that keeps the liquid from reaching the pad, or a stain-resistant carpet.

Holes & Rips

damaged carpet with ripsHow to fix it: The exact type of repair depends on the amount and kind of damage; always keep extra carpet for every room on hand just in case it is needed for repair (your installer typically gives you any excess carpeting after it is installed). When your dog removes a piece of carpet, it can be replaced with another piece (cut to the exact size) from your excess supply of carpeting and double-faced seam tape. A section of ripped carpet can be replaced in a similar manner. Contact a flooring installer if you need assistance; a carpet repair is typically affordable (especially when compared to the cost of replacing the carpet).

If you have to replace: Talk to a local flooring pro that really knows the kinds of pet-friendly carpets on the market. Choose a carpet that is durable and can handle pet nails (unfortunately, there is no carpet that can handle a determined set of pet jaws!) to avoid rips. Carpets with high piles can catch pets’ nails, causing snags and injuries. Keep your dog’s (and cat’s) nails trimmed to avoid rips or snags in the future.

Carpet Cleaning: All Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

woman holding tea cup and tablet while sitting on the carpet at home just before spilling on carpetBad pet stains. Funny carpet odor. Necessary carpet maintenance. Removing allergens. There are a lot of reasons to type in ‘carpet cleaning services near me’ on your computer—and a lot of questions that come with this necessary home cleaning task. We’ve done our best to answer common questions we hear from our local carpet cleaning customers; unfortunately, some of these answers only apply to our carpet cleaning service (which cleans carpets in Watertown, Oconomowoc, Waterloo, Lake Mills, and surrounding areas).

How long does it take to carpet clean a room?

Depending on the size of the room, carpet cleaning can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The amount of time depends on the size of the room, the amount and size of stains, furniture that needs to be moved, and the kind of cleaning products and equipment that needs to be used. We can usually give a general estimate of the amount of time after you request an estimate. The room also needs to vacuumed and some stains need to be pre-treated before carpet cleaning begins. The homeowner does not need to be home during the carpet cleaning.

Do you move furniture or should I move items before you come? What do I need to do to get ready for a carpet cleaning?

As part of our service, we move the furniture for our clients. We do ask people move breakable items, such as electronics and knick knacks, to ensure that everything is kept safe. If the customer does not remove items, we can and will move everything as carefully as we can. We are as cautious when we move items as possible.

In addition to picking up fragile items, please lock any pets away from the carpet cleaners or remove the pet from the home. If there is a particular issue you are concerned about (and we haven’t come out for an estimate), let us know about the issue so we can have the right products on hand and are ready to tackle any problem areas on the carpet.

What is the cost of carpet cleaning? Can I get a free estimate so I know how much it costs?

The cost of carpet cleaning is based on the square footage of the room (though you can check our Facebook page for floor cleaning specials).

We encourage all customers to contact us for a free estimate. Carpet cleaning consultations are invaluable because we can see the amount of stains and be prepared for any problematic areas. We can also give estimates over the phone, but the price may not be as accurate because we cannot see the flooring.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Typically, carpets take 12-24 hours to dry after a carpet cleaning. To hasten the drying process, it does help to raise the thermostat five degrees in the winter and lower the air conditioner in summer to move air and aid with drying. We do try to remove as much moisture as possible after we clean.

Is it okay if my kids and pets lay on the carpet after a carpet cleaning?

Yes. We do advise that homeowners let the carpet dry first before the carpet is used (without anyone walking on the carpet). After that, it is perfectly safe for pets, kids, and adults to enjoy!

Can you get out all the stains on my carpet? Do you remove odors?

We have been successful in removing blood, wine, coffee, nail polish remover, and pet stains. We can answer many questions about whether we can remove the stain when you request a free estimate. If we cannot remove a stain, we explain it to the customer when we arrive. For example, on a recent job, we found green stains in the master bedroom. The green stains were dried paint that had set in and could not be removed. We notified the customer right away and explained why the stains could not be removed. Please do not try to bleach a stain away!

We can and have removed odors (i.e. from pets, smoke, urine, dead animals, etc.). Issues can arise if the odors are in the sub-flooring or cushion under the carpet.

How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

At a minimum, carpets should be cleaned every 18 months. Flooring manufacturers typically honor the warranty if you get the carpet cleaned within that time window.

What’s the difference between a professional carpet cleaning and a rental from the store?

There are two advantages: time, equipment, and expertise. Our cleaners come in and quickly and efficiently clean your carpets—no worrying about picking up and returning anything! We use a strong vacuum, extremely hot water (that stays at a specific temperature and minimizes cooling), and specific products that are suited to almost any kind of spot you may have. Our technicians are certified to know what products are needed to address any spots or stains on your floor.