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25+ Fresh Home Décor Ideas for Every Budget

bedroom with new carpet and fresh home decor ideasThere comes a time in every home’s life when it gets, well, “stale.” You know what we’re talking about: when your home needs something new and fresh to give it new life. If you’re wracking your brain for ideas, we’ve started a list of fresh ideas that’s sure to fit your budget AND make you fall in love with your home all over again.

  1. Install new luxury vinyl flooring (it’s a DIY project that looks great!)
  2. Hang an arrangement of photos or art on the wall
  3. Add a laminate flooring accent wall to your bedroom
  4. Tile your front stoop
  5. Add a backsplash to your kitchen (ideas here)
  6. Choose new blinds (use this guide)
  7. Paint an accent wall
  8. Tile your concrete patio
  9. Add shelving & organization to your mudroom (ideas here)
  10. accent wall done with laminate flooring

    Courtesy Armstrong Flooring

    Paint your cabinets

  11. Install new tile in your bathroom
  12. Add new wood flooring to your home
  13. Redesign your laundry room
  14. Finish your basement (choose the right floor for your basement with these tips)
  15. Get a new area rug (order custom rugs for a personalized look)
  16. Put a new tile floor in your bathroom
  17. Revamp your entry way
  18. Redesign a whole room (ask for help from a pro for a coordinated look)
  19. Clean your carpet for a new look
  20. Repurpose an old piece of furniture
  21. Tile your entryway
  22. Add a chalkboard wall
  23. Get new countertops
  24. Add new wallpaper
  25. Organize your closet with new storage drawers and shelves
  26. Paint your trim
  27. Get new curtains for a room (tips to choose the best window treatments here)

5 (Easy) Steps to New Window Treatments

man sitting in sunroom with blindsAs wonderful as the longer days of spring and summer can be, there is a downside (yes, a downside!) to longer, beautiful sunny days. That downside becomes apparent when you can’t sleep because of the sun or you miss a key play by your favorite team because of the sun streaming in. That’s when it’s time to use these steps to finish your room with the blinds or curtains that’ll finish your room—and fix your problem.

Identify the function of your new blinds.

What do you need the blinds for? Darkening a room so you can sleep? Making your media room suitable for a movie night (even when the sun sets later)? Keeping the sun out of your sunroom? For privacy? Use the answer to your question as you shop, or mention it to your salesperson as you browse through your options. Their experience can help you make your decision.

Look at the rest of the room.

Your new blinds are not a stand alone; they are part of your room. Accordingly, make sure you look around to determine what kind of statement you want to make with your new blinds. For a room with a neutral look, choose a blind color that blends with your existing décor. To make a bold statement, choose bold colored blinds or blinds with patterns that stand out or coordinate with your bold home décor. If you want to start from scratch, consult with a designer at your local flooring store to coordinate all the details into your desired cohesive look.

Choose from the options.

Blinds and curtains are not a one-size-fits all. There are many options for your room, including:

  • Sheers are very light curtains that allow a large amount of light in—perfect for windows that need to be dressed up or that you look out often.
  • Blackout curtains create just what the name says: a “blacked out” or darkened room. Blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, man caves, and media rooms. Made with an inner liner, blackout curtains block the light out from the room—ideal for third-shifters, sleepers who don’t like the light, or family members who want to watch TV without the glare.
  • Drapes are a long curtain option, typically floor-to-ceiling and are designed for privacy and high impact. Drapes can make a ceiling look higher, or a window look bigger if you get a drape that spans the height of your wall (even if your window doesn’t!).
  • Insulated/fabric blinds are high function window treatments, giving you an extra level of privacy. Some insulated or fabric blinds can even add energy efficiency to your home. Some models of insulated or fabric blinds come up from the bottom, ideal for privacy while still allowing the light in.

In some situations, the right window treatments may be a combination of several of these options, such as in a child’s room, bedroom, or media room. In these cases, curtains and blinds can combine to keep the light out—and achieve the purpose you set out to achieve with the window treatments.


Measuring your window is not always as simple as holding a ruler up to your window. If you want your room to look taller, choose a window treatment that hangs above the window to the floor. To make the process even easier, hire a professional to measure and install your blinds or curtains.


The last step of choosing blinds or curtains is the best: enjoying your new curtains and blinds—and all the functionality and beauty they bring to your home.

5 Home Projects You Can Finish in a Day(ish)

cherry colored laminate floor in kitchenThe never-ending project.  No one wants their house ripped up indefinitely—for what seems like FOREVER.  The kitchen project that gets started and never finished.  The bathroom that you can’t use for months (or years?).  The room with no flooring that you have to wear shoes in.  If you’re looking for projects that won’t make your home look like a indefinite road construction zone, we’ve compiled a list that you can have completed in a day(ish)—as long as you do your research and ask for advice first so you’re ready to get started and finished (or you can just call the experts!).

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a durable, great-looking floating floor, making it the perfect do-it-yourself home project.  Use this step-by-step tutorial and video for a smooth laminate floor install, and stock up on flooring (and advice!) that can make a real statement in your home.  For a larger space, buy your product in bulk for a volume discount. If you do all your floor prep and get all your tools together in advance, you can have new laminate floors in by dinner time (and an easy clean up if anything falls on the floor!).


kitchen back splashNothing can make a kitchen look as finished as a tile backsplash. Once you’ve chosen the right backsplash, gather all your supplies and get ready for a day’s work.  Make sure your work is level and even as you work, and enjoy the beautiful finishing touch when you’re done.

Vinyl luxury plank flooring

For the look of wood without fear of water damage, start researching installing vinyl luxury plank flooring. Like laminate, vinyl plank flooring is a floating floor (and can be purchased in bulk!). Research the installation and your options for underlayment for a wonderful finished product after a full day of work.

Laminate wall accent

home design trend laminate flooring on wall

Courtesy Armstrong Floors

Laminate flooring on the wall is one of the newest home trends. Homeowners have capitalized on this trend and created an accent wall in the their basement or bedroom, a contrasting wall feature, or a fireplace surround (if you do this, make sure your project is stunning and safe).  Use this video so you know what kind of home project you’re in for, and talk to the experts to get the right laminate floors for your project.

Tile floor

Tile floors look great and are fairly easy to install—if you know what you’re doing.  As an added bonus, tile floors can be installed over radiant flooring.  As a natural conductor, tiles make any room warm and cozy.  You’re going to need the right saw, tiles, and grout for the job—and the patience to wait all day for your new, fantastic looking tile floors.