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Why You Don’t Need Luck to Choose the Right Floor

1926662_10152777203739378_7515375266822588355_nThrow your four-leaf clover away. You don’t need the luck of the Irish to choose the right floor, or a rabbit’s foot. What you do need is a bit of research and advice to choose the flooring that works in your home—even with all the foot traffic, water spills, kids or pets. Where should you start your research? By taking these factors about the room that needs the flooring into consideration:

  • Water. An educated decision now can save you the headache of a warped floor later. Water can be your worst nightmare on laminate and wood floors, so a bit of planning now eliminates the hassle of replacement or repair. If you have a room where water may splash or form puddles, such as a bathroom, mudroom or kitchen, plan ahead. Consider vinyl plank flooring which has the look of wood, or any kind of tile floor which handles water like a pro. A room with the chance of a spill doesn’t mean you can’t get a wood floor—it just means being mindful of wiping up the water as soon as possible.
  • Traffic. Is the room a busy walk through? An area where your family plays, runs and tromps? Is it a room where your pet spends most of their time? Is the traffic that comes through full of mud, snow, sand and lord-knows-what-else? Use that knowledge to determine what kind of flooring would work in that particular area.
  • Maintenance. You don’t want to purchase a floor, have it installed and then end up with damage because you don’t care for, clean or vacuum it properly. Find out what kind of cleaning and maintenance the floor needs, what products you need to purchase to keep it in great shape—and realistically how much of that maintenance you can take on.
  • Budget. If you have a small area that needs carpeting—a small office, hallway or bedroom—consider purchasing a carpet remnant. Because there is a limited supply, a carpet remnant is discounted. Know the square footage of the room you need flooring for and the price you can afford per square foot. Factor that into your purchase decision.
  • Sub flooring & slab. Are you installing radiant floor heating under the flooring? Read our post about what kinds of flooring work over radiant floor heating. Are you installing this flooring over a concrete slab, like in a basement? Here’s information on what floors work in basements. Sometimes knowing what is under the floor is just as important as knowing what is going to be on top of it. Make sure you mention what’s under your floor to your sales professional when you get to step two of your flooring purchase.

Once you’ve decided the types of flooring fit the bill for your new room, visit a Y’s Way Flooring for more information. Describe the room to the salesperson, and what you’ve found in your research. Ask for advice about what they’ve seen in local Wisconsin homes. Once you’re satisfied with the look, feel and functionality of the best flooring, ask for a quote. Then sit back, stand on and enjoy the feel of the perfect flooring you didn’t need luck to find.

Are you (and your floors) ready for the spring mud?

After days of sub-zero temperatures and biting Wisconsin cold, we’re ready for spring. (For Wisconsinites that’s any time the temperature hits above freezing.) What we’re not ready for is the mud. The mud that our kids, dog, pets and guests track all over our carpets, laminate, vinyl, tile and wood floors. The muddy footprints and puddles that cause us to leap into action, just short of a panic attack, and scramble to find a towel to clean our very loved floors—or at least floors that we want to stay looking loved for a long, long time (even if we really don’t love that carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile or wood floor). So how do you stay ahead of the mud in your home?

  • For wood and laminate floors, clean up any mud as soon as you can with a towel, and keep your wood floor clear of any puddles that might damage your wood floors. If you need to use any liquid to clean up a particularly dirty spot, dry the floor as soon as you are done. Sweep up the pebbles and stones often to avoid scratches on your wood and laminate floors.
  • For carpet, test an area of the carpet with your carpet cleaner for color fastness first. If your carpet cleaner has tested safe, apply the carpet cleaner to the mud and blot gently with a soft cloth working from the outside in. Avoid scrubbing as that might damage the carpet. When done, apply a small amount of water to your cloth and blot again. When the mud is out and the carpet is drying, vacuum the area. Make sure your carpets are professionally carpet cleaned every 12-18 months to keep them looking their best. Check our Facebook page for carpet cleaning discounts.
  • For vinyl and tile floors, a wet cloth or mop works best. Make sure you get the dirt out of the grout so it doesn’t stain.

Have any questions? Stop in at a Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills, or Oconomowoc and ask one of our experts how to get that mud out of your carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile or wood floor or contact us with your floor cleaning questions. You’ve waited for our Wisconsin spring for a long time—don’t let a little mud on your floor ruin your spring.

5 Ways to Treat Yourself (and House!) With Your Tax Return

10527600_10152564227119378_343811161995203614_nAre you one of the millions ready to treat yourself with the proceeds from your tax return? While that suggestion would leave many rushing to the spa, treat yourself by updating the place where the heart is, or at least where you spend most of your time—your home. So where do you start? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Making your old carpets look like new. Even if you’re convinced there’s no way on this earth to get that stain out, give a professional carpet cleaner a chance. They’ll surprise you by removing those stains, or at least lightening them.
  • Replace that nasty flooring you’ve always had it in for. Can’t stand the linoleum anymore? Are you tired of trying to get the dirt out of the imprints in that old 90’s geometric flooring? Say good bye. Come down to Y’s Way and pick out the new flooring you’ve always wanted.
  • Updating your kitchen with a backsplash. You have so many options. Give your kitchen a facelift with an inexpensive backsplash.
  • Two words: bathroom reno. And on top of those words, let’s add three more exciting words: increased home value.  A remodeled bathroom adds value to your home, and creates a space you can be proud to show to your guests.
  • New window treatments. Whether your motivation is to keep your toddler in bed, let you sleep in or help a third shifter relax during the day—or just to update those ugly curtains or blinds, come on down to Y’s Way to find blinds and curtains that fit your room and your purpose.

When you’re ready to turn that tax return into a new look for your home, like our Facebook page so you can watch for deals and ask questions about your home project. If you want to see your options or ask one of our experts, head into one of our three Y’s Way Flooring locations in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc. We can help turn that refund into a treat that you and your house can enjoy.