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Win Water Park Tickets…Enter our National Flip Flop Day Giveaway!

flip-flops1Drum roll please…it’s giveaway time!

In honor of National Flip Flop Day, tag your favorite summer lover in our giveaway post on our Facebook page. One random winner will win 4 tickets to Olympus Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells, to be used July 12 or 13. Share with your friends, and you (or they) could be wearing flip flops while having fun in the sun (and water)! Winner will be chosen June 30.

Any questions? Let us know! At Y’s Way Flooring, we are here to help..and for 10 days, we are here to give away fun in the sun.

Steam Cleaners and Wood Floors: do they mix?

Trying to decide whether to clean your beautiful hardwoods with steam?

Trying to decide whether to clean your beautiful hardwoods with steam?

With the warm weather, heavy rain and mud being tracked into our houses, everyone’s looking for the best way to clean their wood floors. If you’ve watched TV, you’ve undoubtedly seen ads for steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are a great way to clean hard floors, and some ads suggest that steam is a great way to clean wood floors.

Their claim is contrary to the common knowledge that moisture and wood don’t mix, so we thought we’d give you resources that help you decide whether steam is the best way to clean your wood floors. We checked three of the most common wood flooring manufacturers and found that Armstrong, Mohawk and Shaw do not recommend that their customers use a steam cleaner of their wood products:

Before purchasing a steam cleaner for cleaning your wood flooring, consult your manual to see if your warranty will be void if you use a steam cleaner. If you’re still not sure, don’t be afraid to visit us at one of our three Y’s Way Flooring locations in Watertown, Lake Mills and Oconomowoc. We can help clear up any confusion about your warranty, and make recommendations that keep your floors clean.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Carpets Cleaned NOW


Contact us to schedule a carpet cleaning today!

Contact us to schedule a carpet cleaning today!

It’s June, and summer is kicking into full swing. You don’t have time to worry about your dirty carpets…however, summer is the perfect time to get your carpets cleaned. Why? (Drum roll,please.)

  1. It’s not too humid for them to dry. Our Wisconsin dew points have not maxed out yet, making this an ideal time to clean your carpets—and to let them dry (faster!).
  2. You can impress your company with your great looking flooring when you entertain. Hosting a party this summer? Make sure your carpets look fantastically clean for your next barbeque.
  3. You need to get that stain out from your last barbeque. This reason is related to reason #2. 
  4. It’s good to have clean carpets if you need to stay away from allergens. For many, summer is the season of high outdoor allergen rates, leading to an indoor lifestyle. That’s when having clean carpets can ease indoor allergy symptoms too.
  5. Now is the time when it’s easy to clean your feet off. You don’t have to worry about cold and snow, or tracking dirt across the house. 
  6. Grandma’s wine stain from Thanksgiving isn’t going away on its own. 
  7. You can schedule your carpet cleaning for the day before you leave on vacation. Come home to dry, clean carpets!
  8. Procrastination is highly overrated. Before too long, we’ll be talking about the first day of fall, and your opportunity for open windows and clean carpets will be replaced by the first day of school, community events and preparation for your big family Thanksgiving.
  9. You can keep the kids (and pets) outside while the carpets get cleaned. Speaking of pets, now is the time to erase those pet stains (and pet dander).
  10. You’re spending more time outside, thus the carpets stay cleaner longer. Okay, we’re reaching here, but who ever heard of a list of nine reasons?